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Riley Wallace is a published, professional writer and hip-hop journalist whose work runs the gambit from real estate writing to hip-hop/urban writing for the legendary XXL Magazine. He’s the founder of AAHIPHOP and is one of the site’s principal writers. He’s interviewed legends like De La Soul, and is always working to expose new talent — and social commentary — with his work. For additional writing samples, or for any business/media, contact him using the form below.


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Will Tyrese Save Hip Hop?

Many older heads have voiced their concerns over the direction of Hip Hop over the years. Singer and actor Tyrese, unwilling to sit idly by any longer, is vowing to save the culture with his brand new EP, Identity Theft.

Organic As F***: Meet Kota The Friend

If you haven’t yet heard of Kota The Friend, you can be forgiven. After all, his debut release Palm Tree Liquor is just over a year old; he’s the equivalent of discovering a new show right as the second season premiere. That second in this case is his new EP Paloma Beach, which has been heralded by all who have come across it. The rapper’s sound is jazzy and as New York, as it gets — without overtly mimicking the golden era — and he has this commanding, yet relaxed tone that makes his music a pleasure to digest

5 Chances To Convince Me: Cardi B

We’re back again with another installment of 5 Chances To Convince Me, where a fan delivers five pieces of content to a skeptic about an artist to — hopefully — change their outlook, or at the very least inspire a second chance. This time we’re flipping it on you with Jeff Dring representing the fan, while Riley Wallace dons the skeptic hat.

5 Gems To Help Producers Build Their Brand

It’s 2017, and much like being an up-and-coming rapper, being a little-known producer is harder than ever. While the digital era has resulted in an unprecedented amount of competition, it also created a tremendous amount of opportunity for those willing to go the extra mile while honing their craft.

Dash Flash Needs To Be On Your Playlist

East New York [*Uncle Murder Voice*] is home to a bustling new talent that I’ve been

sleeping on (unfortunately) backlogged on covering heavily due to — well — being a busy professional journalist. I get a LOT of music stuffed in my inbox, and I’ve been loafing, but this kid, Dash Flash, has a lot going for him.

Fans Weigh In On Funkmaster Flex And DJ Clue’s Latest Spat

The ongoing back and forth between iconic mixtape DJ and producer, DJ Clue, and NYC radio-mainstay Funkmaster Flex has seen no sign of letting up; and this past week it flared up once again. The Letterman and Leno of Hip Hop radio, the two often have taken very public swipes at each other, with zero chill — naturally.