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Riley Wallace is a published, professional writer and hip-hop journalist whose work runs the gambit from real estate writing to hip-hop/urban writing for the legendary XXL Magazine. He’s the founder of AAHIPHOP and is one of the site’s principal writers. He’s interviewed legends like De La Soul, and is always working to expose new talent — and social commentary — with his work. For additional writing samples, or for any business/media, contact him using the form below.

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Should Meek Mill Really Be The Poster Child For Unjust Incarceration?

Immediately after news of the announcement broke, fans and industry peers took to social media to pan the sentence and show support for the rapper.

The question is, should we feel sorry for Meek? It’s important to understand the full spectrum of Meek’s situation and the timeline that has led to this latest sentence.

The Hoodies Are About To Be Two Of Hip Hop’s Brightest Stars

If we’re keeping it all the way 100, the schtick of rhyming in a car is beyond played out. Whatever “cool” factor it did possess probably decimated after Carpool Karaoke became your mom’s fav thing to share on Facebook. At least that’s what I thought, until I stumbled onto E-Class (21-years-old) and his younger brother Young Poppa (11-years-old). Collectively known as The Hoodies, they’ve taken a stale concept and (with sheer quality bars) spun it into national viral fame.

Where The Music Takes Me: WizTheMC Finds New Passion In The 6

I’m often fascinated by music that I organically discover, as opposed to music that is forced down my throat. As fun as commercially viable big budget music can be, there’s something so motivating about an artist that just creates because—well—they have to. It’s in their DNA.

Slick Rick’s Debut Turns 29

As the gap between the old school and new school becomes broader and more apparent, so does the necessity for icons like Slick Rick to be honored. On this, the 29th anniversary of his classic Def Jam debut The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick, we thought we’d take a few minutes to help newer/younger fans understand why us “old heads” hold Ricky D in such reverence after all these years.

Legendary Mixtape Runs: Papoose

Welcome to the first installment of Legendary Mixtape Runs, where HipHopDX takes a look back at some epic mixtape series from yesteryear. We’re not talking about streaming “mixtapes” that are all the rage now; we’re talking straight up mixtapes — the ones you used to buy at barbershops, bodegas or hand-to-hand on your local campus.

Made Me Wanna Do This Episode 1: Saukrates

The largest divide between the younger and older generation of Hip Hop artists is the sheer barriers to entry that the OG class had to overcome to become notable names in the industry. In a landscape that predated online streams and even easy-to-set-up studios contained within a MacBook, artists had to work traditional “played out” media streams (radio, physical networking) and print media. Even the ownership of Music was more cumbersome, as the price of a Tidal subscription wasn’t even enough to purchase one album, making music purchasing decisions so strategic.

Hip Hop Raised Me: Why A Generation Of Good Fathers Is So Important

Like most kids who grew up in my PJs, my father wasn’t around. To make direct reference to Shaq’s classic CL Smooth featured song, “biological didn’t bother.” Like many youths in the bubble of the golden era of modern Hip Hop was—in many ways—my father figure. It taught me how to dress, respond to social cues that were relevant in my environment, talk to girls, and how to view hegemonic powers that be. Was Hip Hop a perfect parent? No

Drake Shares Tribute To Canadian Singer Gord Downie

Canada is mourning the loss of rock icon Gord Downie — the face and voice of Canadian hall-of-fame band The Tragically Hip. Downie passed away Wednesday (October 18) from an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer called glioblastoma.

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