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Riley Wallace is a published, professional writer and hip-hop journalist whose work runs the gambit from real estate writing to hip-hop/urban writing for the legendary XXL Magazine. He’s the founder of AAHIPHOP and is one of the site’s principal writers. He’s interviewed legends like De La Soul, and is always working to expose new talent — and social commentary — with his work. For additional writing samples, or for any business/media, contact him using the form below.

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“Whatchu Want” Rapper Nine Looks To Rewrite His Legacy With New Album

Though he was primed for a resurgence with 2009’s Quinine, the release slid under many radars. However, an appearance on Snowgoons’ 2016 Goon Bap compilation led the German production team to collaborate with him for the upcoming LP King, which is set to be the comeback that Nine has wanted — and deserved — for the past few decades.

Review: Bas’ “Milky Way” Boosts His Replay Value

It’s been two years since J. Cole protégé Bas dropped his sophomore project Too High To Riot. Though he was actively touring, he had been relatively quiet before he stepped back into the spotlight with the April single, “Pinball II” featuring Correy C — a name that comes up twice on the tracklist of his third LP, Milky Way.

Rapper Has Free Speech Appeal Shot Down By Pittsburgh Supreme Court

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld its ruling following a free speech appeal on Tuesday (August 22) by rapper Jamal Knox a.k.a. Mayhem Mal. Knox was prosecuted along with Rashee Beasley a.k.a. Soulja Beaz for (among other charges) making terroristic threats towards law enforcement via a rap song titled “Fuck The Police” released on YouTube back in 2012.

Review: Travis Scott Ascends Even Higher Past His Imitators With “Astroworld”

Named after a defunct Six Flags amusement park in his hometown of Houston, the LP is layered with numerous nods to both his past and future. As an overall product, it’s a brilliant tapestry of subtle elements that position the 26-year-old virtuoso as the closest thing his generation has to Kanye West-level album curation.

Why Richie Evans Stepped Away From The Game’s Mentorship & Launched His Own Imprint

For many artists, bumping into one of the industry’s brightest stars and being given the opportunity to join them on the ride of a lifetime is merely a pipe dream. It was for former Black Wall Street affiliate Richie Evans — once known as Juice — as well. After handing The Game a demo, though, his life changed forever.

Videographer Kurt Nice Recounts Filming One Of Hip Hop’s Most Iconic Cyphers

Hip Hop has changed significantly in the past two decades. Today’s fan has unprecedented access to artists, their music, and videos chronicling their every move. In stark contrast, being a hardcore fan of Hip Hop in the ’90s required a balanced level of dedication and budgeting. Print media reigned supreme, and without a video-streaming platform like YouTube available, fans relied on platforms like MTV for content.

Koncept Talks Korea & Premieres New Video For “Never Again”

It’s all about trusting the journey because sometimes following your gut can take you into unexpected territory. Just ask Queens (New York) rapper Koncept — one-time Fat Beats employee and former member of the Brown Bag All Stars. He’d built a bankable brand as a solo act, blazing from the onset of his debut LP back at the top of 2012. Having worked his J57 collaborative project The Fuel and having just about wrapped his next LP (which would become 14 Hours Ahead), he set off on a short tour in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. That was almost two years ago, and Kon has finally made his return to New York City after what became an unexpected odyssey of overseas fame.

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